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Urrutia Hilda plastic artist and teacher, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic. I formcomo drawing teacher, graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Manuel Belgrano, where I contactcon arts printmaking, sculpture and painting, and as Professor of Painting at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredn. In addition I am Interior Decorator and Professor of Portuguese. Currently I work as plastic Educacin teacher in schools in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, teaching...

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Urrutia Hilda plastic artist and teacher, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic. I formcomo drawing teacher, graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Manuel Belgrano, where I contactcon arts printmaking, sculpture and painting, and as Professor of Painting at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredn. In addition I am Interior Decorator and Professor of Portuguese. Currently I work as plastic Educacin teacher in schools in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, teaching them to children 6 to 12 years. My previous work as a painter was intermittent student Pasdar my time working professionally as a textile artist, then as an educator. Volva painting for some years, studying in the workshop of the plastic artist Cristina Minacori, making diverse experiences but ultimately choosing to work almost exclusively with read-pastel on paper. None of the productions of those moments were exhibited. A few years freshly sentla necessity and the final impetus to start showing my work. About six or seven years I started studying computacin programs applied to design and experiment with paint travs them. I found, hidden in the machine, a multitude of chromatic variations, a myriad of colors, textures sea, looks for ways recesses of space being transformed into a second, that disappeared or returning, will invest in smoke, lights appear Hacan unsuspected worlds, worlds to celebrate, to investigate, to undo to re-arm, to be reborn, to be created. Therefore, because life is random, I do not intend to be figurative or abstract, classical or novel, geometric or orgnic, not attempt to ascribe to camp, school or any ism or stick labels on any trademark, but further research and doing what interests me every day, that day, in this world full of images stir us, renew us and we extase eyes and the mind& 39;s fast, constant and furious. The works show the programs carried out mostly in two-dimensional pixelares with slight use of vector shapes, sometimes with inclusin made 3D shapes, sometimes with scans of photographs taken from newspapers or magazines, with their own photographs or family, others with their own drawings scan, direct two-dimensional objects, sometimes painting directly with the mouse with an optical pencil, sometimes with the tools and provided program combining all this without being able to repeat how I did. I have participated in the following fairs and exhibitions, mainly in the category Digital Art Printed: Centro Cultural Marcdel Pont or Digital Painting Exhibition at Sala Bruno Venier between 6 and June 30, 2007. Cultural Center San Fernando or Exhibition Two and chance, shared with the artist Monica Villaverde, featuring 12 works of Digital Art Print, carried out between the days November 24 and December 6, 2006 in the Fifth The Omb. or shared with the artists Exhibition Zamit and Romina Silvia Costa in Subsecretara of Planning and Co-ordination of the City of San Fernando from 13 to 31 July 2007. Since the plastic hat: o First Mention in the 2005 Winter Salon or exhibitor at the Fair End of Year Art Gallery of Nations 2005: o Mention of Jury Honor at the Salon Jorge Luis Borges 2005 or Jury Mention of Honor at the Salon Spring 2005 or Jury Mention of Honor at the Women& 39;s Salon 2005 or collective Exhibition Featured Artist of the Year 2005 or the Special Mention for Creativity in the Salon de Arte Naif 2006 or Jury Honorary Mention in the Hall of Art on Paper 2006 or Honorary Mention of the Jury New Figuracin the Salon in 2006 or the Art Jury Mention of Honor in the V Biennial of Latin American Art or exhibitor at the Mega-Exhibition Art Expo Buenos Aires 2006 and Mention of Honor Jury Selected in Textile Art and Digital Art Salon VI in 2006 or Menci Tout Petit No Honor VI Salon Jury Landscape Forms 2006 or Lecturer in Art and Expression 2006 or Honorary Mention in Digital Art and 2 Mention of Sculpture at the Spring Salon VII 2006 or Lecturer in Argentine Art Today Show 2006 or Mention of Honor at the Salon for Women in the Arts 2006 or Artists Selected for the Exhibition of the Year Award Winners 2006 in Textile Art o Second Grand Prix Hall of Honor in the Art on Paper 2007 or Honorary Mention in the Salon: Little Soldier Format Ral 2007 or Mention of Honor at the Salon Women& 39;s 2007 or Speaker at the International Fair V FERIARTE 2007 or Speaker at the Contemporary Art Exhibition 2007 Selected Casal de Catalunya or the Fourth Hall of Editorial Croquis 2005 or Selected in the fifth Hall of Croquis Editorial 2006 or Selected in the sixth Hall of Croquis Editorial 2007 Opening roads in the art or Special Mention Landscape Salon 2005 or Menci n Spring 2005 Special Salon or Salon Mention of Honor End of Year 2 Award Salon 2005 or 2006 or 1 Landscape Award Hall of Autumn 2006 or Mention Jury Honors at 2006 Spring Salon Galera Braque Mention of Honor at the Salon Anniversary 30 years or 2 Award 2005 Hall of Summer 2006 Selected for the salt or n 2006 Abstract Art Galley Transarte or Second Mention IsEven Road Safety Award 2005 or in the competition DAY-06 Digital Art 2006 or Selected for 2 IsEven Road Safety Award 2007 Palacio de las Artes in Salon Tiles Selected for the Artists Trail 2005. Selected for the Exhibition or Language of Flowers 2006 or 1 Prize at the tiles for the Trail Salon of Artists 2006. The OmbSan Fernando fifth or exhibitor at Expo-Litoral 2006 Galera Chosen for the mission of Autumn Salon 2006 or the Special Mention at the 1 Biennial 2006 or Form and Color Special Mention in the Salon 2006 Festival of Arts Gallery of Supply and Speaker of the Iberoamerican Art Show at the Hotel Bauen 2006 or Speaker of the Third Year Show at the Hotel Selected Bauen 2006 or the anniversary of the Galley Salon del Abasto 2006 or Speaker of the Sample We celebrate Spring in 2006 or Selected Bauen in Union Salon Breeds La Galera del Abasto 2006 or Speaker of the Universal Art Show at the Hotel Bauen 2006 or selected for the End of Year Exhibition at the Hotel Bauen 2006 or Speaker of the United Artists on Display year 2007 in the Hotel Bauen or exhibitor at Art Expo in the House of Santiago del Estero Buenos Aires 2007 or Selected in the Hall of Summer at the Hotel Bauen 2007 or Speaker at the National Art Expo in the Casa de la Provincia de San Luis in Buenos Aires 2007 MIAD Venado Tuerto or 5th Prize in the International Exhibition Deer Eye Digital Art 2006, First International Traveling Exhibition by E-mail plastic artist. Visual XXI Galera Pasparto Selected in Argentine Art Salon III 2006: Little Format Yukio Mishima Cultural Center or selected in the XI Salon Portrait, Self Portrait, Human Figure, the Nude and Portrait of Animals 2006 Museum of Modern Art (MAMBA) and Speaker of Flavors and Language, Buenos Aires Miralda Food Culture Museum. 2007 Exhibitor Galera Artexpresino dreamy images selected for the CID, journalistic agency& 39;s Daily Traveler, Buenos Aires. 2007 To see other works [-][-] / hildadeurrutia[-][-][-]

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